Tips for Keeping Your Beard Clean

Love means that your beard keep clean. Here are five ways to help keep your beard clean and fresh, even by eating the dirtiest food!

1. Date and Adjust

Keep your mustache well trimmed around your mouth, but if you prefer to let your mustache grow, use a nice wax stack company to stick your hair together and shape your facial hair so that they do not hang around the way its delicious cooked. You can cut with a good pair of barber scissors every day or more, or you can visit your barber once a week for a touch up. The longer the beard, the more care it requires.

2. Keep Covered

Try a bib! Get a good scarf or a handkerchief (preferably a cloth or a waterproof treatment) and tie it around your chin when you really need to keep your beard clean. It may sound funny, but if you eat before a major meeting or job interview, it is worth keeping this beard free of chunks of food. There beard shields out there, or you can make your own using vinyl or plastic, and decorate as you please. Or you can just use a little cellophane in a pinch. Either way you cut it off, there will be a few days that you need to go very far to keep his beard on his own – weddings, interviews, service meetings, dates, functions, etc. And remember always run to the bathroom after meals just to check and make sure you are good to go.

3. Tie and Tuck

He reaches through the table for salt, and the tip of the beard is immersed in the food or drink of his friend. Missing major match, boys! When your beard becomes more, be sure to tie it away when you are about to sit down for a meal. You can cut it to your shirt or a jacket is tied once, or just put it on its collar if you can. Probably no worse lack of beard wetting the beard in someone’s dinner! You can braid your beard, so it is easy to throw over your shoulder when needed. Clips and necklaces wonders when you are moving, and that your beard is free and fluffy. An elastic band can work well in a pinch to keep that beard around its neck and away from your food.

4. Invent and adapt

Change your food skills. In general, reduce the size of their bites, invest in tools to make your life easier, and take your time! Here are some techniques by type of food.

Hamburgers, Pizza, Sandwiches Crumbly, wings and other finger foods: Only engage in the use of a knife and fork, and eat in very small bites. You may be able to go out with folding dry slices of cheese pizza, but for any slice with a lot of ingredients or oil, fork and knife is the way to go. It could be sad to destroy a very good hamburger, but if you are looking to avoid looking like a mess, there really is no other option. The wings will really be difficult to prevent a beard stay if they are consumed with the hands in order to develop surgical skills to get into those little bites on his throat.

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate: Eat a good-resistant steel and Pyrex, ceramic or reusable straw to enjoy your hot drink, or invest in a cup of mustache or beard prey to protect their precious hairs from being immersed in His coffee as a donut. Portable coffee mugs are often picks, which would be perfect to have on hand for your morning ride.

Ice cream, pudding, applesauce: Wear or use a long spoon with a smaller size ball, and dig into that sundae ice cream without getting their sticky beard. Patience is the key! Savor every little bite and make sure that no candy or gummy sauce really comes into your beard, because these are beasts to try to clean after the fact.

5. Oil and regularly wash your beard

The beard oil is not only to make your beard have a great smell and sweet sensation! Beard Keep oiled means that food particles do not stick rebellious both, and the food particles that can be caught will be covered with aroma, for example, the best Cuban cigars, or a virgin alpine desert. In addition, the oiling habit (or use the balm and wax) will keep you informed of the condition of his beard throughout the day so that you